KBT is built on core values that emphasize trust, respect and motivation. Our promise is to always put our customers first, deliver high quality, high technology products and do so with the same motivation as the day our company was founded.


We oversee all design, manufacturing and production of all KBT products. We are meticulous about every detail making sure you get the highest quality product.


In our world trust is everything. We work hand in hand with our tool operators to make sure every question is answered and all feedback is documented and discussed.


We have a driven to see what's possible by pushing the limits of innovation. It's our passion to knock down walls and go where no one else has been.

In house development

Kinetic Breaching Technology™ specializes in development and design of groundbreaking products and technologies within the public safety sector.

In house manufacturing

Our on-site manufacturing capabilities reduce errors and increase quality of our products. Maintaining state of the art CNC machining and rapid prototyping equipment reduces lead time and complexity of product development and production.

Long standing industry relationships

Being based in an aerospace hub, KBT is centralized within a robust and extensive community of manufacturers and suppliers. Long standing relationships with key partners and open communication with supply chain allow our engineers to develop products to the level needed within the public safety and defense industries.

KBT leadership team

Doug Hansen

President, CEO and Co-Founder

A mechanical engineer and has worked for Boeing and Rocket Research where his focus was solid propellants. An accomplished entrepreneur, Doug is also the founder and owner of Automotive ServicesInternational, a franchised company specializing in advanced automotive repairs including driver assistance technologies, advanced airbags and pyrotechnic seat belts.

Paul Shemeta

Vice President of Engineering and Co-Founder

A mechanical engineer and an expert at high-fatigue, high-stress materials engineering. Paul holds over a dozen patents and has designed specialized equipment that is used to increase the fatigue life of various aircraft parts including engine mounts, bomb racks, rocket fuselages and jet engine components.

Doug Hansen, Jr

Lead Sales Engineer

A mechanical engineer and prior to joining KBT, worked internationally developing composite rigging systems and hardware on performance sailing yachts. After leaving the marine industry, he developed technical support networks for advanced automotive systems calibration and repair